MU21: Wet Leather

by The Slasher Film Festival Strategy



The Slasher Film Festival Strategy is the long running (15+ years) experimental project of South Carolinian Christopher Ashley. Ashley's influence on hardcore in the American south is far ranging playing in Murder Weapon, Index For Potential Suicide, The Disease, and Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul. Ashley's bands have releases spanning many record labels that shaped hardcore and experimental music throughout the 1990s and 2000s like Scientific Research, Electric Human Project, Witching Hour, Alone, Insolito (Germany), Monotonstudio (Germany), and Release the Bats (Sweden). Index For Potential Suicide shared vinyl with Usurps Synapse, The Disease with RaceBannon, and The Slasher Film Festival Strategy with Bastard Noise.

The Slasher Film Festival Strategy was spawned as a collision of influences (hardcore, harsh noise, power electronics, drone, and the sounds from Vermiform Records) that produced dark ambient and drone compositions that always hinted at horror and science fiction. Slasher Film Festival Strategy has come into a new era with the release of Crimson Throne (2013, Foreign Sounds) and Wet Leather (2013, Mirror Universe) harnessing the power and inspiration of earlier releases, but pulling new energy from minimal electronics, experimental dance, coldwave, and horror/sci-fi soundtrack composition. At time Ashley brings to mind a futuristic Badalamenti who has traded in his piano and orchestra for a Juno-60 and a DX-21.


released June 15, 2013

Download and cassette both include full track listing:

Side A:

1. Forced Entry
2. The Other Self
3. The Stalker

Side B:

1. Blackest Black
2. Wet Leather
3. Call of the Night
4. Love Lust
5. The Chase
6. Plastic Bags

Mirror Universe is sold out of this tape. Pick up a copy from Foreign Sounds:


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