MU30: Singles

by Matt LeMay



Double A Side C44
1. Right Jacket Pocket2. What Would Change
3. Compare and Contrast
4. If And Or When
5. A Portrait Of The Man
6. The Only Lesson Learned (Game Theory Cover)
7. By Half

Edition of 50 white cassettes with hand painted and stamped labels.
$5 plus shipping.

*Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Matt LeMay. Drums recorded at Rad Town. Mastered by TW Walsh.

**Written, performed, and mixed by Matt LeMay. Drums and loud guitars recorded by Phil Palazzolo at Seaside Lounge. Mastered by TW Walsh.

A couple physical tapes are available here featuring the full track list:

Buy the digital songs over at Matt LeMay's site:


released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Mirror Universe Tapes Brooklyn, New York

Our discography is $41.40. All proceeds are donated to NYCLU (No fees are taken out. We are donating all funds given).

Lots of love. Stay strong.

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