1. MU67: Never Happened
    Deadbeat Club

  2. MU66: Roosevelts at 7
    New Berlin

  3. MU58: Posh Lost
    Posh Lost

  4. MU65: Tough Luck
    Fat Heaven

  5. MU64: Isolation Culture Demos
    His Clancyness

  6. MU63: Star Stuff
    Sci-Fi Caper

  7. MU62: Near Gone || No Haven

  8. MU61: Deadbeat Club
    Deadbeat Club

  9. MU60: Bubble Guts
    Joey Sprinkles

  10. MU59: Beverly Baldwin

  11. MU57: Natural Selection

  12. MU56: The Meltaways
    The Meltaways

  13. MU55: An Absence
    Future Museums

  14. MU54: V A I L
    D E C O R U M

  15. MU47: Single Lash
    Single Lash

  16. MU53: Bruise Control

  17. MU52: Man Made Path
    Break Up Flowers

  18. MU51: Spike & Wave

  19. MU50: The Hand of the Thief
    Night Powers

  20. MU49: Dodging the Column
    Shy Mirrors

  21. MU48: Without A Trace
    Mirror Universe Tapes & Serenity Now Tapes

  22. MU46: Wool Sucking

  23. MU45: People Are Weird
    No Monster Club

  24. MU44: Solid Gold Cowboys
    Unlikely Friends

  25. MU40: Slow Pulse
    Slow Pulse

  26. MU43: Day of the Woman
    Clean Girls

  27. MU42: OWN BOO

  28. MU37: Dog Daze

  29. MU41: F*ck Atlanta
    Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party

  30. MU39: Daniel Anton Svizeny
    Dan Svizeny

  31. MU38: Unlimited Ride: Live & Unheard
    Lame Drivers

  32. MU36: Spakkiano

  33. MU31: Scatter the Cabal
    M. Sage

  34. MU29: Wrong Bomb
    Shy Mirrors

  35. MU21: Wet Leather
    The Slasher Film Festival Strategy

  36. MU22: F*ck the Future II
    Foot Village

  37. MU30: Singles
    Matt LeMay

  38. MU20: Always Mist
    His Clancyness

  39. MU35: Whatever It Is Your Doing Now 2xC46

  40. MU33: Small Troubles
    Marshall Trotter

  41. MU25: I Did It Sober
    Idiot Glee

  42. MU18: Epic Dreams
    Cough Cool

  43. MU10: Sun Mantra
    Sun Mantra

  44. MU07: Cheer Up Friend
    The Meanest Boys


Mirror Universe Tapes Brooklyn, New York

Our discography is $40.40. All proceeds are donated to PLANNED PARENTHOOD (No fees are taken out. We are donating all funds given).

Lots of love. Stay strong.

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